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15 January 2019 @ 09:03 pm
January 2019 Poké-Sales  
Hello everyone! I have lots of items from Pokémon and a number of other anime series (Dragonball Z, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Shaman King, Made in Abyss, Digimon, and more)! I'm heading back to Japan in two weeks, so it's time to hopefully clear out some sales items in preparation for new items! This post will be open for orders until January 28th (my last potential shipping day will be January 29th), so please make sure to get any orders in and paid for before then! The sales post will reopen after that on February 12th after I return from my trip.

You can make an order by e-mailing me at phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com (preferred) or commenting on this entry!

Sales Policies
I know these are boring, but they're IMPORTANT--please read before asking about items!

-Minimum US order is $5 before shipping/fees, minimum international order is $20 before shipping/fees.

- Are you outside of the US? Please let me know right away so I can get you an accurate shipping quote! Please note that international shipping costs are fairly high even for small items--usually $10+.

- Sales permission given by areica 3/6/2015 (for pkmncollectors)

- I accept Paypal almost exclusively. Please send your payments in US dollars, not any other currency. My Paypal e-mail address is pacificpika@gmail.com. If that isn't working for you for any reason, you can send payment to my other Paypal address, which is phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com. Send your payment as Goods/Services. Please be sure to include your shipping address and what you are getting with your payment!

-Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees unless the price says "shipped" or something similar after it. US shipping starts at $3.50, and international shipping (unfortunately) starts at $7 for something very small/light. More often international shipping is around $10-15. Shipping costs include the cost of packaging materials. On top of shipping, I do add a Paypal fee because that's what Paypal takes out of my payments.

- I generally ship within 1-4 days of receiving payment. Items are shipped by First Class mail (or Priority if your order is over the weight limit). I usually put tracking on orders that are $20+ by default just in case there are issues, but I don't always message buyers with the number, please ask if you want it! Tracking is not available for many international packages, sadly. As a note, I've had very few packages ever go missing out of thousands sent. Expect your items to arrive within 1-3 weeks if you are in the US, and 2-6 weeks if you are outside the US. Please send me an e-mail if your order does not arrive within that timeframe and we'll figure out what to do next! phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com

- I will generally only hold items for 24 hours after sending you a price quote. If I have not received payment within 24 hours of giving you a payment amount, the item is off hold and may be sold to someone else. If you end up needing a little more time to pay, notify me! Please specify if you intend to buy an item or if you just want a quote. A person who commits to an item has priority over someone asking for additional photos, wanting a quote, asking questions, etc. I will sometimes do extended holds of a few days, particularly for larger orders or if you're a repeat customer/someone I know, but it's on a case-by-case basis.

- Many of my items are used, and may have some amount of wear/small marks/etc. I try to price them accordingly, but be aware, especially for lower-priced items, that they may have flaws. Please ask if you are concerned about the condition of an item and I will try to provide details.

- All of my items are official, licensed products (aside from items that are marked as my personal artwork, of course), and most are imported directly from Japan. After many years of collecting, I am very good at spotting bootlegs and I do not sell them!

- Please be as specific as possible when describing the item you want! Especially if there is more than one item of the same Pokémon in the same price category/photo. It really helps if you include the price with the item you're interested in as well when listing what you want.

- I have dogs and birds who live indoors. I also have horses and poultry outdoors. All of my items are stored in a clean room that the animals don't have access to, however I do not recommend ordering from me if you have a severe animal allergy or would be offended if a few stray pieces of dog hair end up in the package. Sometimes that happens while packaging, despite my best efforts!

- Prices ARE negotiable within reason! Feel free to make me an offer, especially if you're buying multiple items. If I am not willing to haggle, it's likely you chose a popular, in-demand, or rare item, so I apologize if I can't lower the price!

- This shop is run by one person and one person only, so please be patient when waiting for me to respond. Give me up to 24 hours to reply. If I have not replied by then, feel free to send another message, perhaps by a different method. I've been selling items online for around a decade now and I've gotten good at it, but because this shop is run by one person and I juggle a lot of orders, I may occasionally make mistakes. If I do, I will try to correct them or make them up to you the best I can!

- Life-sized (1/1 scale) Takara Tomy Pikachu -- This big Pika is 17" tall--the actual height of Pikachu! It's a beautiful, detailed plush that's great for cuddling. This Pika was released in 2010, and is a bit hard to come across now. This one's tail is no longer sewn to its back, and it looks the tiniest bit used if you look at it carefully, but it's quite soft and generally in great shape. $40
- Shiny Fabric DX Pikachu -- This big guy isn't officially 1/1 scale, but as you can see, he is close in size to it! He's a tiny bit worn and has some very light speckling on his tail (see second photo--the speckling is very faint), but is generally in great shape and quite large! Tush tag only. $25
- Super soft and cuddly Pikachu DX plushes -- These fuzzy guys are brand new with all tags! $20 for the Pikachu laying on its belly and $22 for the (slightly larger) Pikachu laying on its side.
- Female Pikachu plush -- This was actually the first (of now several) female Pikachu plush ever released, and it's fairly hard to come across these days. Brand new with all tags! $20

- Umbreon Halloween UFO Plush -- This plush is super hard to find now! There are lots of bootlegs around, but the authentic plushes are very scarce. Brand new with all tags. $50
- Halloween Pokémon Center Mimikyu plush -- What could be cuter than already disguised Mimikyu, dressed up as yet another Pokémon (Noibat, in this case)? This plush is detailed and super soft, with an adorable tag! All three are brand new with tags. $30 each (One currently on hold until 1/21 for a friend.)
- Halloween Pokémon Center Ampharos Plush -- Ampharos is so cute in its Dusknoir costume, with a big lollipop! So soft and detailed, with an adorable tag! $30 (Currently on hold until 11/21 for a friend--if you're interested, I can e-mail you if he ends up not getting it!)
- I Love Gothic Chandelure plush -- Very soft and detailed! Tush tag only, otherwise in perfect shape. $15

- Hoopa Unbound Pokémon Center plush -- Large, detailed, and super soft! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. Better pic here. $30
- DX Darkrai Pokédoll -- A bit hard to find now, and super soft! Perfect for cuddling. $50
- Pancham DX Plush -- Big and good for cuddles! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $25
- Arceus 2015 Pokémon Center plush -- Fairly large (about 10" tall/long), beautifully detailed, and super soft! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. Better pic here. $30
- Charizard 2009 Pokémon Center plush -- Fairly large and detailed! Somewhat hard to find now. Very mild fabric wear, but generally in great shape. $20

- Chespin DX Plush -- Velboa, about 11" tall. Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $15
- Tepig Talking Plush -- Sadly, had its voice box removed. Otherwise in excellent condition! Super soft and perfect for cuddling, about 10" tall or so. $18
- Bunnelby DX Plush - A big cutie with huge ears! Brand new with all tags. $25
- Snivy Pokémon Center plush -- Super soft and cute! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $10
- Servine Pokémon Center plush -- Super soft and cute! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $17
- Hoopa Pokémon Center Plush -- Soft, cute, and detailed! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $15

- Oshawott TOMY Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Cute! $10
- Chikorita TOMY Plush -- Tag tag only, otherwise in great shape. Cute! $10

- Bulbasaur Korotto Manmaru UFO Plush -- Cute, rounded plush. Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $12
- Piplup Mini Puppet -- Cute small puppet! Too small for an adult hand. Some slight fabric wear. $6
- Piplup Friends Laying Plush -- The smaller of the two. In great shape! $6
- Piplup TOMY Laying Plush -- Cute and soft! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $10
- Piplup Canvas Plush -- From a very nice, soft Pokémon Center line. Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $15 OR take all four Piplup for $30!
- TOMY Tepig Plush -- Mild wear, no tush tag. Still very cute! $10
- UFO Tepig Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise like new. Adorable chibi-style plush. $10
- Talking Tepig Keychain Plush -- Still talks (Japanese voice, "Pokabu!"). Tail is disconnected from its back, otherwise in good shape. Tush tag only. $12
- Banpresto fuzzy Latias and Latios -- Hard to come across, and very cute! Tush tag only. I'd prefer to keep the set together for $40, or $25 each if you must buy separately.

(Apologies for the blurry pic! Let me know if you'd like better pictures...)
- Charizard Pokédoll -- Adorable and soft! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $25
- Munchlax Waffle Fabric Plush -- This cute Munchlax has an interesting waffle-like texture! From when the Deoxys movie came out in Japan. Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $15
- Kuttari Laying Victini Plush -- These little beanbags are soft and floppy, great for holding and playing with! Brand new with all tags. $12 each, or take the set for $20.
- Mienfoo Pokédoll -- Super adorable and soft! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. Better pic here. $17
- Mime Jr. Pokédoll -- Soft and adorable! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. Better pic here. $20
- Pansear Pokémon Center plush -- Brand new with all tags! Super soft and detailed. Better pic here. $10
- Helioptile Pokémon Center plush -- Super soft and cute! Tush tag only. Better pic here. $10

- Head turned Keldeo UFO Plush -- New with all tags!. $10
- Keldeo UFO Plush -- New with all tags! $10
- MPC Keldeo Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise like new. Soft and detailed for its size! $8 OR take all three Keldeo for $24!
- Tyrunt MPC Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Soft and detailed for its size! $10
- TOMY Aipom Plush - Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape! There are very few plush of this Pokémon in existence. $10
- TOMY Suicune Plush -- Tush tag only, sadly not in the best shape. Missing a few different white spots, but they're just made of felt so they could be replaced. Rare plush. $15
- TOMY Meowth Plush -- Tush tag only, super old, but in good shape considering! $8
- Ducklett and Axew Mini Pokédolls -- Super cute, perfect for putting on your bag! $7 each
- Totodile Friends Plush -- Adorable and detailed for its size! Old but in excellent shape. $10
- Terrakion MPC Plush -- Small, but detailed and soft! Brand new with all tags. $6

- Patrat UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $10
- TOMY Torchic Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Soft! $10
- Helioptile MPC Plush -- New with all tags. Very soft and detailed for its size! $8
- Girl Pikachu Butt Passcase -- Perfect for putting your train/bus card in, and has a pouch for coins and other small things as well. Perfect to attach to your bag. $10
- Pokéball Pokémon Center Plush -- Doubles as a keychain, or perfect to throw at people/Pokémon because it's soft. $6

- Neko Atsume Plush -- I won it out of a crane machine! Though the cat is hidden in its "box," it does have a head and everything, and a little window through which can you can see its eyes. New with all tags, don't mind the red fuzz that got stuck to it there, haha. $7
- CTS (Chitose) Mascot Pikachu - Adorable and detailed! A tiny bit worn. $10
- Rurouni Kenshin Plush -- I got this at an anime convention swap meet ages ago, but it's time to part with it. New with all tags, in great shape for its age. If you know about what happened with Watsuki (it's awful), I personally assure you no money from this purchase will go to him, ever. $10

- Pikachu Blanket with Plush -- This adorable blanket would be perfect for a lap blanket (it's too small for a regular blanket) or excellent for a kid. It's in perfect shape! Please buy it before I decide to keep it, haha. $30

- Pokémon clearfiles -- All the Eeveelution ones are double-sided like the top two. Other side of the other two Eeveelution ones. The anime ones are celebrations for the 1000th episode and were given out at the Pokémon Center for a limited time. $5 each SOLD: Vapreon/Jolteon/Flareon clearfile

- Spanish Yu-Gi-Oh! Tin --Cool and in great shape! $5
- Wolf's Rain doujinshi -- G-rated and nice art. I bought one I already had by accident! $5
- Radiant Double-Sided Promotional fans -- $2 each
- Promotional Flyers -- These are printed on thick paper and are around 8.5" x 11". They're great to use as posters, the print quality is nice! I have a bunch of the Gurren Lagann one (because I love TTGL) and a few of the Touken Ranbu ones. $1 each, might need to be shipped separately from figures/plush/other non-flat things to prevent damage to them.

- Large Pokémon poster with bonus sticker sheet -- Double-sided, I haven't opened it to see the other side but I can if needed. $3 (May need to be shipped separately from non-flat things.)
- X/Y and Pocket Monsters towels -- Great for bringing with you or hanging up on the wall! $5 each.
- Zekrom/Reshiram Pouch and Notebook set -- Includes a fairly large plastic pouch with Reshiram/Zekrom on it, good for holding pencils and smaller notebooks, etc., and a small notebook. $10
- Pokémon X/Y Lottery Tarp thing -- I don't know how to describe this, but it's large, sturdy, and very cool! Contain images of a number of Megas. Perfect for a big, sturdy poster. Better image here. $10

- Natsume Yuujinchou doujinshi -- I bought this ages ago when I first got into the series, and then realized I don't ship this ship, oops. It's like, PG rated and around 40 pages, nice art. $7
- BL Manga -- Bought these randomly ages ago and then never read them. They're rated 16+, so not super graphic. $4 each
- Bleach Vol. 1 -- $3

- Pokémon Twinkle Party Keychain -- Gorgeous, detailed, pearly Pikachu keychain. Very high quality! Box is slightly damaged on the back. $7
- Uchouten Kazoku/Eccentric Family Yasaburou figure -- He'll hang from stuff when assembled! $10
- Glaceon Pokémon Time Rubber Strap -- Blind packaged, so it was difficult to get the one you want! Really cute style. $7
- Goomy/Torchic Gachapon figures -- These were in gachapon machines, so they were random. So detailed for the size, just adorable! $7 for the set
- Glaceon Cape Eevee Figures x3 -- These were in gachapon machines, so they were random. So detailed for the size, just adorable! $7 each
- Mega Altaria Cape Pikachu Figure -- These were in gachapon machines, so they were random. So detailed for the size, just adorable! $7
- ANA water squirter Pikachu -- Adorable! $6
- Buizel Pokémon Time keychain -- Super cute, and harder to find now. $12
- Mewtwo Minicot Figure -- $6
- Gothitelle Clear Keychain -- Blind packaged, so it was hard to get the one you want. Gorgeous! Can get a better pic if you want. $7
- Pokémon Sun -- New in package! $25
- Pokémon Center 20th Anniversary Photo Albums -- Adorable art on both sides. Better pic here, though I had to remove the plastic because it got wet. $7

- All items in the above photo are $5 each. The Pikachu plush keychain on the left is one of the oldest in existence (SOLD), Cleffa's kinda like a beanbag, Croagunk and Piplup are keychains, and Turtwig is a Friends plush. The Snorlax button's packaging is slightly damaged. The Poképuff keychain has a Fennekin charm. The Lucario bottlecap figure is gorgeous and detailed, but missing one piece (a moon, it's not very noticeable that it's missing though). SOLD: Old Pikachu keychain, Cleffa, Croagunk, Fennekin PokéPuff charm, Lucario, Arcanine, Mewtwo, Mimey

- All items in the above photo are $5 each. The Riko and Ozen keychains (Made in Abyss) are fanmade, from a gashapon machine in Akihabara. The rest are all official merchandise. Jean from Attack on Titan can be removed from his wall and put in your earphone jack.

- All items in the above photo are $4 each. Aside from the Victini head keychain, the rest of the plush are MPC plush--detailed, soft, and can be used as keychains. Simipour and Pansage have hang tags, the rest are tush tag only. Several of the figures are racers. SOLD: Both Mewtwo, Sandshrew, Helioptile, Larvitar

- The items in the above two photos are $4 each. The tophat and yukata Pikachu things are metal charms. Charizard is a magnet. Muk, Machamp, and Arbok are buttons from the 151 line, a bit rare.  The Darkrai thing in the bottom left corner is a button. Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy all go together on the keyring. The green Poképuff keychain has a gold Chespin charm. The metal figure is Mewtwo. The other tiny Mewtwo figure is from Pokémon Monopoly. The keychain in the pink packaging is a Powerpuff Girls/Hatsune Miku crossover keychain (official). SOLD: Oshawott/Tepig/Snivy keychain, Poképuff with Chespin charm

- Metal coins. Gorgeous and detailed! Available: Copper Mega Alakazam x3, silver Mega Alakazam x3, bronze Mega Gallade x3, copper Mega Gallade x1, silver Mega Gallade x2, copper Zygarde Complete x2, copper Solgaleo x1, bronze Mega Blaziken x1, bronze Mega Latios x1. $3 each.

- $3 each. They do various things and lots of racers are available.

- The items in the above two images are $3 each. Hoothoot is a lock, though I don't have the key. Snivy, Charmander, Monferno, and the Sinnoh final starters are buttons. The white/red (Reshiram) and black/blue (Zekrom) things on the left side are sound drop keychains, which make sounds when you press the button. The white bandaged guy (?) is a metal pin. SOLD: Charmander button, Mewtwo, Nidorino, Alakazam, Beautifly, Electivire, Lanturn, Illumise, 1x Volbeat, Moltres

- The items in the above image are $3 each. The puzzle is of Pignite, Dewott, and Servine. The items with the blue/red bases are choco egg figures. The purple base things are Pansage/Simisage and Patrat/Watchog 1/40th scale zukan figures. The little metal figures are Zygarde core x2 and Frogadier. Palkia is a button, and Drilbur and Registeel are stampers.

- Gorgeous Pokémon Center New Years Postcards -- From multiple years. Hard to find! $4 each.

- The items in the above two images are $2 each. The white stampers are Xerneas, and I believe they're self-inking. The copper Pikachu is a metal figure. Electabuzz, Inkay, and Snivy on bases are stampers. Chesnaught, Mega Mewtwo Y, Inkay, Vivillon, and Victini are metal keychains. Shieldon and Woobat are buttons. Goldeen and Snorlax are magnets. Golem and Charmander are clips. SOLD: Victini keychain, Goldeen magnet, both Goldeen kids, Elekid kids, Diglett, Dugtrio, both Psyduck, Golem, Kangaskhan, Electabuzz

- Rare Korean erasers -- Darmanitan x2, Palpitoad, Tympole, and Darumaka x2 available. $2 each

- Shaman King handkerchiefs -- These are gorgeous, but sadly got wet and some ink leakage happened. :'( Still really nice, though. They're $3 each, take all four for $10!

- Pokémon Center New Years Postcards (Damaged) -- Sadly, these got wet in the same incident as the above handkerchiefs and they didn't fare as well. Pick one for free with any order over $10 (assuming they fit in the bubble mailer), just ask for one!

- Promotional Postcards (Haikyuu, Digimon, Yuri on Ice) -- $1 each. I have a bunch of the Digimon and Haikyuu ones, but only a few Victor.
- Welcome to the Ballroom promotional stickers -- $1 each. I have a few available, but not many.
- Garden of Words door hanger -- $2 each, I have a few available.

- Promotional Postcards/Card -- $1 each
- Tsuritama door hanger -- $2 each, I have a few available.

- The items in the above two photos are $1 each. The things with the green and blue bases have Venusaur and Blastoise on them (not sure what they do). The round thing with Landorus/Thundurus/Tornadus is a spinning top. The Scraggy puzzle piece thing is a metal pin. Stunfisk/Piplup/Cryogonal/Skrelp are metal keychains. The Raichu/Shinx/Luxray buttons are not official (made from Pokédex books I think?), but cute. The pink ring is a Snivy ring. The red cylindrical thing is an Excadrill stamper.

SOLD: Weepinbell, both Raticate, Mankey

- $0.50 each odds and ends

- Tissue packs -- $1 each

- Random anime/miscellaneous stuff -- $1 each. Spiderman is a magnet.

- Rare Cowboy Bebop cards -- $1 each, or take all 33 for $20! (These were my doubles, so not a full set.) SOLD

- Gorgeous, rare Cardcaptor Sakura Stars Bless You poster. This was a Good Smile/Anime Expo exclusive, licensed by Kodansha. I can't even find one for sale to price compare with. I haven't measured it, but it's pretty large. Unfortunately, it has some bends and damage from the journey back from Anime Expo. If you flattened and framed it, I don't think the little dings would be very visible unless you're really looking for them, they're mostly shallow. Its biggest need is gentle flattening and smoothing, and there are many guides on how to do this on the internet. Asking $30 + shipping for this rare poster. I hope someone will take this and display it like it deserves!

- These are some buttons made from my own artwork! The colors are better in real life, they got a bit washed out in the photo.They're $2 each, or 3 for $5 (and I have multiples of all.) You can also mix and match with the prints below for the 3 for $5 deal. The Pikachu one in the corner says "I ♥ Fat Pikachu".

- These are glossy prints of my art, and they're mostly 4" x 6", 4" x 4", or around those sizes. They look much better in real life, they look a bit blurry and/or dark/weird in the photos, but they're perfectly clear in real life and have much more details than are visible in the photos. For instance the print of Mew on the cloud has lots of stars that didn't show up in the picture. You can see some of the art pieces themselves on my Deviantart or at my art blog if you want a better idea of what they look like (feel free to ask me for a link to a particular piece if you want to see it better). They're $2 each, or 3 for $5. You can mix and match with the buttons for the 3 for $5 deal. If you buy only these or only flat things in general, I can ship them cheaper than package rates. They may need to be shipped separately from other items depending on what you order to prevent them from being destroyed. I have several of each.


Thank you so much for looking! Let me know if you have any questions!
Again, you can order by sending an e-mail to phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com or commenting to this entry (no anonymous comments, please, unless you leave your e-mail address). Note that LJ often marks messages or replies with URLs in them as spam and doesn't notify me of them--if you're communicating with me on LJ keep that in mind!
Please allow me 24 hours to reply to your sales request. I usually get back to people within a few hours, but between sleeping, working, caring for my animals, and occasionally taking breaks, sometimes it takes me a while. If I don't reply after 24 hours, I probably didn't get your message--please send it again (perhaps in an alternate way, if possible)! Thanks for your interest in my sales!