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02 August 2017 @ 03:26 pm
August PokéSales  
I'm back for another round of Pokémon sales!

Sales Policies
These are IMPORTANT--please read before asking about items!

-Minimum US order is $5 before shipping/fees, minimum international order is $20 before shipping/fees.

- Are you outside of the US? Please let me know right away so I can get you an accurate shipping quote! Please note that international shipping costs are fairly high even for small items.

- I accept Paypal almost exclusively. Please send your payments in US dollars, not any other currency. My Paypal e-mail address is pacificpika@gmail.com. If that isn't working for you for any reason, you can send payment to my other Paypal address, which is phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com. Send your payment as Goods/Services. Please be sure to include your shipping address and what you are getting with your payment!

-Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees unless the price says "shipped" or something similar after it. US shipping starts at $3.50, and international shipping (unfortunately) starts at $7 for something very small/light. More often international shipping is around $10-15. Shipping costs include the cost of packaging materials. On top of shipping, I do add a Paypal fee because that's what Paypal takes out of my payments.

- I generally ship within 1-4 days of receiving payment. However, in some cases it may take up to a week. Items are shipped by First Class mail (or Priority if your order is over the weight limit). Items do not have tracking by default due to the way I ship them (with a postage meter), please ask right away if you need tracking added. As a note, I've had very few packages ever go missing out of thousands sent. Expect your items to arrive within 1-3 weeks if you are in the US, and 2-6 weeks if you are outside the US. Please send me an e-mail if your order does not arrive within that timeframe and we'll figure out what to do next! phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com

- I will generally only hold items for 24 hours after sending you a price quote. If I have not received payment within 24 hours of giving you a payment amount, the item is off hold and may be sold to someone else. If you end up needing a little more time to pay, notify me! Please specify if you intend to buy an item or if you just want a quote. A person who commits to an item has priority over someone asking for additional photos, wanting a quote, asking questions, etc. I will sometimes do extended holds of a few days, particularly for larger orders or if you're a repeat customer/someone I know, but it's on a case-by-case basis.

- Many of my items are used, and may have some amount of wear/small marks/etc. I try to price them accordingly, but please be aware, especially for lower-priced items, that they may have flaws. Please ask if you are concerned about the condition of an item and I will try to provide details.

- All of my items are official, licensed products (aside from items that are marked as my personal artwork, of course), and most are imported directly from Japan. After many years of collecting, I am very good at spotting bootlegs and I do not sell them!

- Please be as specific as possible when describing the item you want! Especially if there is more than one item of the same Pokémon in the same price category/photo. It really helps if you include the price with the item you're interested in as well when listing what you want.

- I have dogs, a cat, and birds who live indoors. I also have horses and poultry outdoors. My animals are kept away from the items in general, however I do not recommend ordering from me if you have a severe animal allergy.

- Prices ARE negotiable within reason! Feel free to make me an offer, especially if you're buying multiple items. If I am not willing to haggle, it's likely you chose a popular or in-demand item, so I apologize if I can't lower the price.

- This shop is run by one person and one person only, so please be patient when waiting for me to respond. Give me up to 24 hours to reply. If I have not replied by then, feel free to send another message, perhaps by a different method. I've been selling items online for around a decade now and I've gotten good at it, but because this shop is run by one person and I juggle a lot of orders, I may occasionally make mistakes, but if I do I will try to correct them or make them up to you the best I can!

- Happiny DX Plush -- Perfect for cuddling! Tush tag only, otherwise in good shape. $25
- Mew and Mewtwo DX Plush -- Older plush, but very cute and soft! Tush tag only, and their tush tags show some wear, but otherwise in good shape. Great for cuddling! $30
- I <3 Mew DX Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Super soft and lovely pastel colors, perfect for cuddling. $30
- Munna UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $10
- Swirlix Pokémon Center Plush -- Brand new with all tags. Super soft! $17
- Kawaii Series Mew Plush -- A bit hard to find, very soft and detailed. Tush tag only, otherwise in excellent condition. $30
- Taffeta Mew Plush -- Very old plush. In good shape, with some very light marks on fabric (only visible if you look closely). Has hang tag, though hang tag shows some wear. $17

    - Axew DX Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape! $20
    - Darkrai DX Plush x2 -- These are big and hard to find now! Tush tag only, otherwise in good shape. One has a small marker-like mark on its red collar. On Ebay they're $70-100. $55 for the one in better shape, $50 for the one with the marker mark.
    - Chespin DX Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in good shape. $17
    - Mimikyu Pokémon Center Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Super soft. This is the Japanese version. $25
    - Charizard Pikachu Poncho Plush -- This is long sold out of Pokémon Centers and super cute, soft, and detailed! The poncho is removeable. $40
    - Charizard Pikachu Keychain Plush -- Again, long sold out of Pokémon Centers. Adorable and perfect to put on a bag! Poncho is not removeable. $25

    - Croagunk UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $15
    - Bulbasaur 2004 UFO Plush -- Fairly rare, cute pose! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $22
    - Manaphy UFO Plush x2 -- Super cute pose! One has tush tag, one does not. From the Manaphy movie era. $17 each
    - Lucario UFO Plush x2 -- Adorable and fairly detailed! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $25 each.
    - Azumarill UFO Plush -- Rare! Super cute. Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $30
    - Kawaii Squirtle UFO Plush -- Soft and very detailed! One of the cutest Squirtle plushes out there in my opinion. Hard to find. $35 (Better photo here from old sales post.)
    - Old Christmas Squirtle UFO Plush -- Hard to find, very cute, with a Christmas hat and star! Tush tag only, otherwise in good shape. $25 (Better photo here from old sales post.)
    - Oshawott UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $12
    - Old Blastoise UFO Plush -- Hard to find! Tush tag only, but otherwise in great shape for its age! $25(Better photo here from old sales post.)

    - Old Charmander UFO Plush -- In great shape for its age! Still has its hang tag and everything. Does have some very faint/hard to see marks on its head, but they're barely noticeable. $25
    - Eevee UFO Plush -- This is a very old plush, and it's in fantastic shape! About 8-9" tall, with a cute fluffy ruff and a nice big tail. Has its hang tag and everything! $25 (Better photo, but not my photo.) (And a second one from the side!)
    - Eevee Pokémon Center Plush -- Very soft and cute! Like new, with both hang tags. $20
    - Winking Kutsurogi Leafeon plush -- Like new, but no hang tag. $15 each
    - Jolteon I <3 Eevee Plush -- Soft and pastel-colored! No hang tag, otherwise in great shape. $15
    - Leafeon Keychain Plush -- Perfect for putting on a bag! Cute, standing pose. $10
    - Hard to find Glaceon Strap Plush -- Perfect for putting on a bag! Soft and detailed, adorable hanging pose! $16
    - Minccino UFO Plush -- Cute! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $10
    - Laying Piplup and Buneary TOMY Plushes -- Soft and cute! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $10 each

    - Chatot UFO Plush x2 -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Hard to find! $20 each
    - TOMY Keldeo Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $15
    - Head turned Keldeo UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $10
    - Old Sudowoodo UFO Plush -- In amazing condition with all tags! $15
    - Snivy Canvas Plush -- Tush tag only, some wear. $8
    - Elekid Top Insight Plush -- Top Insight produces official Chinese plush (not bootlegs). They can be very hard to find! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $15
    - Minun UFO Plush -- What a cute pose! Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $17
    - Zweilous and Thundurus MPC Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Both are soft and detailed for their size! $7 each
    - Croagunk TOMY Plush -- Tush tag only, soft and cute! Has beans in it for a weighted feel. $10
    - Keldeo UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $10
    - Buizel Keychain Plush -- Missing its keychain, but it would be easy to add a new one (has a loop). Hard to find! $12

    - Palkia UFO Plush -- Definitely shows some wear, but not too bad. Tush tag only. $7
    - Heatmor MPC Plush -- Soft and detailed! Tush tag only. $8
    - Reshiram UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Cute! $15
    - Terrakion MPC Plush -- Soft and detailed! Has all tags. $8
    - Stunfisk UFO Plush -- Has all tags. A good pancake friend. $17
    - Shieldon UFO Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. $17
    - Kyurem UFO Plush -- Tush tag only. Hard to find! $25
    - Pikachu in Snorlax sleeping bag keychain plush -- Brand new! $10

    - Sylveon Items Lot -- I've gathered these items throughout my last 3 Japan trips. Many are sold out of Pokémon Centers and hard to find now. Please check out this listing on Ebay if you're interested in owning this wonderful lot of items!

    Ebay link right here!


    - Kyon figure (from the Suzumiya Haruhi series) -- Really cute! I accidentally bought a second one while I was in Japan. $8
    - Sparkle keychains -- Umbreon, Vaporeon, Sylveon. Hard to find! $15 each.
    - ANA Squirting Pikachu -- Adorable! $6
    - Charizard/Charmander keychain -- Old, hard to find! $8
    - Metallic TOMY Charizard -- Rare! $15
    - Mewtwo Minicot -- Hard to find! $8
    - Weavile Kaiyodo Bottlecap Figure -- Gorgeous sculpt! $10 (Better picture, not my photo.)
    - Glaceon Pokémon Time rubber keychain -- So adorable! These were blind packaged. $10
    - Flareon Movie Keychain -- $12 Hard to find, detailed and somewhat large for a keychain.
    - I forgot to photograph it, but I also have a clear Mewtwo kid figure avaiable for $8.

    - Pokémon Center Online clearfiles -- You can only get these adorable clearfiles by winning a game on the Japanese Pokémon Center site. $7 each (Note that clearfiles sometimes need to be shipped separately from other items.)

    - Espeon Pokémon Dolls clearfile -- Super cute, brand new! $8
    - Eeveelution Clear Cards -- These are like transparent postcards, and they're quite lovely! Given out for ordering a certain amount from the Japanese Pokémon Center. I have three complete sets of 6 for $20 per set.

    - Eeveelution Clear poster x3 -- Adorable artwork! Around 11" x 17" roughly, though that's an estimate (I haven't measured). These will have to be shipped separately from other items in a poster tube. $15 each.

    - Kanto Gym Leader bookmarks -- Pretty and metallic! It's rare to find merch for some of these characters. Brock, Giovanni, Misty, Janine, and Blaine available. $3 each.
    - Chiku-Chiku Sewing 2 Clearfile set -- Super adorable! $12

    - Mewtwo/Genesect and Arceus movie manga -- In Japanese. $5 each
    - Bewear postcard -- Pokémon Center exclusive. $4
    - Mini Clearfile -- $5
    - Old Pikachu shitajiki -- Super cute, rare. Has Pikachu running on the back. $8
    - Tamagotchi Cardboard thing -- $3

    - Pokémon X/Y Lottery Tarp thing -- I don't know how to describe this, but they're large, sturdy, and very cool! Contain images of a number of Megas. Perfect for a big, sturdy poster. Better image here. $10
    - Pikachu/Snorlax Tote Bag -- Super cute! From Pokémon Center Online as an order bonus,. $12

    - All of the items in the above image are $5 each. The Yu-Gi-Oh! tin is Spanish (why it was in one of my Japan packages, I don't know.) The bowtie Pikachu is a charm.

    - The items in the above image are $5 each. The Pikachu with apple changes into a Pokéball. The Victini is a Pokémon Rumble figure. The little guy on the wall is Jean from Attack on Titan (he can come off the wall and sit on your cell phone via the headphone jack as well).

    - The items in the above 2 images are $5 each. The metallic figures/coin things are actually made of metal. They're detailed, a bit heavy, and very nice! Mewtwo is a Monopoly piece.
    SOLD: Silver Talonflame

    - The items in the above image are $4 each. Bunnelby is missing his buck teeth. (If you want one with the teeth, look at the $5 option!)

    - The items in the above image are $4 each. (Except Lucario, who is $5 but got missorted.) The round Reshiram/Zekrom keychains light up. The flat Chaarizard is like a clip...thing?

    - The items in the above two images are $4 each. The round purple thing is a 1/40th scale zukan figure set of Patrat and Watchog. (I also have a non-pictured one of Pansage and Simisage available for the same price.) The Mewtwo on the blue base is a screen cleaner.
    SOLD: Silver Pancham

    - The items in the above image are $4 each. Again, they're metal coins and they're quite nice and a little heavy!

    - The above items are $3 each. The Great Ball can be opened to put something inside. The Venonat is a spinning top. A lot of these do some little action or another and are great gifts for kids!

    - The above items are $3 each. The puzzle is of Dewott/Servine/Pignite. The Regigigas/Regice/Registeel/Palkia things, Drilbur, Blastoise, and Snivy and Chespin things are all stampers. The round Palkia near Arceus is a button. The Keldeo thing is a puzzle game. The rectangular Chu family thing is a tissue pack. The Reshiram/Zekrom black and white drop things make noises when you press the button. The Pikachu TOMY has a pearly finish but is a bit worn. (Sorry about the background defocus in this image...)

    - The above items are $3 each. The keychains on the left are from D. Gray Man I believe--sorry about the visibility! I can take better pictures if needed. The Lake Trio and Sinnoh starter evolution things are buttons. The blue thing near Pikachu is a Wobbuffet mini cot.

    - The above items are $2 each. The schnauzer barks when you press it. The rectangular things are tissue packs. The Charizard flat thing is an eraser. The flat Golem is a clip thing. The flat Goldeen is a magnet. The P Pikachu keychain is supposed to light up but barely does. The Pikachu with long blue base is a pen.
    SOLD: Red Anpanman figure

    - The above items are $2 each. The Snivy with yellow base is a stamp. The Snivy with a blue base is a screen cleaner. The Inkay, Electabuzz, Hitrmonchan, and Primeape are stampers. The Musharna (and Munna on top, though not visible) are a little charm. The round Sinnoh starter evolutions and Shieldon are buttons. The Scraggy thing is a little pin. The white and yellow things in the left bottom corner are rare Korean erasers. Darumaka x2, Palpitoad, Tympole, Darmanitan x2, and Litleo are available.

    - The above items are $1 each. The Landorus/Thundurus/Tornadus thing is a spinning top. IDK what the Jessie thing is, it's just a plastic thing. The X and Y things are part of a stacking game. The Genesect blue thing flips around when you shake it. The rectangular things are tissue packs.

    - The above items are $1 each. The Tepig and Pignite are magnets, so are the Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?). I don't know what some of these items do/are for, some are from games or something? The Snover thing is a stamper, as are Tauros and Machop. The red thing on the right side is an Excadrill self-inking stamp. Here's some closer photos of the items in this picture: Photo 1, Photo 2

    - These are some buttons made from my own artwork! The colors are better in real life, they got a bit washed out in the photo. They're $2.50 each (and I have multiples of all.) The Pikachu one in the corner says "I ♥ Fat Pikachu".

    - These are 4" x 6" glossy prints of my art. They look much better in real life, they look a bit blurry in the photos for some reason but they're perfectly clear in real life. They're $3 each, 2 for $5, and 5 for $10. If you buy only these or only flat things in general, I can ship them cheaper than package rates. They may need to be shipped separately from other items depending on what you order to prevent them from being destroyed. I have several of each.

    - These are older sale prints, they're $1 each. The one in the top right is Simon and Kamina from Gurren Lagann. There are only a few of each of these sale prints.


    Thank you so much for looking! Let me know if you have any questions!
    Again, you can order by sending an e-mail to phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com or commenting to this entry (no anonymous comments, please, unless you leave your e-mail address). Note that LJ often marks messages or replies with URLs in them as spam and doesn't notify me of them--if you're communicating with me on LJ keep that in mind!
    Please allow me 24 hours to reply to your sales request. I usually get back to people within a few hours, but between sleeping, working, caring for my animals, and occasionally taking breaks, sometimes it takes me a while. If I don't reply after 24 hours, I probably didn't get your message--please send it again (perhaps in an alternate way, if possible)! Thanks for your interest in my sales!
    Amanda: Defaultnefhithiel on August 4th, 2017 03:15 am (UTC)
    Commited to a brass metal Pikachu and the bath salt figure Pikachu from one of the 2$ pics and commited to the Electivire can badge and the rectangular Snorlax thing from one of your 1$ pictures for a total of $6 before shipping. To 30068 please! Thank you ☺️☺️
    Pii pika pikachuu?pacificpikachu on August 4th, 2017 03:20 am (UTC)
    Great, those are all still available! Just send $10 to pacificpika@gmail.com with your address and a note of what you're getting in the memo. Thank you so much, and let me know if you have any questions! :D
    Amanda: Defaultnefhithiel on August 4th, 2017 12:10 pm (UTC)
    Payment sent thank you! ☺️

    What exactly is the Snorlax item? A charm of some kind?
    Pii pika pikachuu?pacificpikachu on August 4th, 2017 03:49 pm (UTC)
    Payment received, thank you so much! I'll have your package shipped either Saturday or Monday, so please keep an eye out for it starting mid-next week! Hope you have a great day! :D

    And I'm not sure what it is exactly... Possibly some sort of game piece?
    Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg: Pokemon - Picklespheonixxfoxx on August 4th, 2017 06:02 pm (UTC)
    This will come as a shock, but I don't have that Giovanni bookmark! I really shouldn't be spending on collectables, but I think I can swing $3. How much with shipping to 89061?
    Pii pika pikachuu?pacificpikachu on August 4th, 2017 06:27 pm (UTC)
    Aww, unfortunately it already sold! Sorry. the person just paid this morning so I haven't marked it sold yet. I'll definitely let you know if I find another one in the future, though, you never know! Hope things are going well in your new place!
    Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg: Pokemon - Pickles - Postcard Artpheonixxfoxx on August 4th, 2017 08:51 pm (UTC)
    No worries, probably for the best as I am still working on paying off my dept. Yes, things are going well in the new place. Slowly but surely I am getting my collections out and displayed...:D
    zoinkzillazoinkzilla on August 15th, 2017 05:03 pm (UTC)
    Hi! I am interested in the darumakka eraser - but I remember seeing the light-up keychain in the earlier posts, is that still available? :) Thanks! I was hoping to use that to reach the 5 USD minimum
    wurmplexwurmplex on August 16th, 2017 09:29 pm (UTC)
    Hi, can I get a quote for the following:
    Cascoon Kid
    Mr Mime
    Clear Psyduck Kid
    to 11217, USA.
    All the items are from your second "The above items are $1 each" section.
    ZubatTrainerzubattrainer on September 6th, 2017 10:52 pm (UTC)
    Munna plush cms?

    Is the munna banpresto dx 22 cm?