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04 May 2016 @ 03:26 pm
May Poké-Sales!  
I have some great items available, including a few I brought back from Japan! Proceeds will help me pay off a large vet bill from last month (my goose broke his leg) and get prepared for convention season.

You can order by sending an e-mail to phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com or commenting to this entry (no anonymous comments, please, unless you leave your e-mail address).

(These are important, please read them!)

-  Minimum US order is $5 before shipping/fees, minimum international order is $20 before shipping/fees.

- Are you outside of the US? Please let me know right away so I can get you an accurate shipping quote! Please note that international shipping costs are fairly high even for small items.

-  I accept Paypal almost exclusively. Please send your payments in US dollars, not any other currency. My Paypal e-mail address is pacificpika@gmail.com. If that isn't working for you for any reason, you can send payment to my other Paypal address, which is phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com. Send your payment as Goods/Services. Please be sure to include your shipping address and what you are getting with your payment!

- All of my items are official, licensed products, and most are imported directly from Japan. I am very good at spotting bootlegs and I do not sell them!

- Please be specific when describing the item you want! Especially if there is more than one item of the same Pokémon in the same price category/photo. It really helps if you include the price with the item you're interested in as well when listing what you want.

- Many of my items are used, and may have some amount of wear/small marks/etc. I try to price them accordingly, but please be aware, especially for lower-priced items, that they may have flaws. Please ask if you are concerned about the condition of an item and I will try to provide details.

- I have dogs, cats, and birds who live indoors. I also have horses and poultry outdoors. My animals are kept away from the items in general, however I do not recommend ordering from me if you have a severe animal allergy.

- Prices ARE negotiable! Feel free to make me an offer, especially if you're buying multiple items.

- US shipping starts at $3.50, and international shipping (unfortunately) starts at $7 for something very small/light. More often international shipping is around $10-15. Shipping costs include the cost of packaging materials. On top of shipping, I do add a Paypal fee because that's what Paypal takes out of my payments.

- I will only hold for twenty-four hours if there is someone else interested and willing to pay for an item. If there is no one competing for an item, I may hold for up to three days, if you notify me that it will take a few days to send payment and stay in contact. Please specify if you intend to buy an item or if you just want a quote. A person who commits to an item has priority over someone asking for additional photos, wanting a quote, asking questions, etc.

- I generally ship within 1-4 days of receiving payment. However, in some cases it may take up to a week. Items are shipped by First Class mail (or Priority if your order is over the weight limit). Expect your items to arrive within 1-3 weeks if you are in the US, and 2-6 weeks if you are outside the US. Please send me an e-mail if your item does not arrive within that timeframe and we'll figure out what to do next! phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com

- Pancham cushion -- Love this punky little panda Pokémon? You need this big, soft cushion in your life! This one is brand new with all tags. It's ready for cuddles! $35 including US shipping and fees.
- Piplup TOMY Plush -- Super soft, detailed, and cute! About 10" tall. Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $20
- RARE Halloween Espeon plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Super cute! This plush came out 6 years ago and it's hard to find legitimate ones now. $40
- Deoxys 2004 Banpresto plush -- Fabric shows light wear, but very bright colors and cute! Tush tag only. $18
- Minccino TOMY Plush -- Very detailed, has a big tail you can wap things with, haha. Around 7-8" tall or so. Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $17
- Deoxys Mini Pokédoll -- Fairly hard to find, super cute! Brand new. $12

- TOMY Tepig Plush -- Good condition but does show some very light wear, detailed, around 7" long. $9
- Tepig Pokémon Center Plush -- Super soft, in great shape! Tush tag only. $12
- Tepig Lottery Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Pretty large, about 9-10" long! $18
- Pokémon Center Summer Deerling Plush -- Super soft, detailed, and cute! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. $20
- TOMY Snivy Plush -- Good condition but does show some very light wear, detailed, around 7" tall. $9
- Chikorita TOMY Laying Plush -- Made of terrycloth and floppy because it's filled with beans, really cute! $20
- Totodile TOMY Laying Plush -- Made of terrycloth and floppy because it's filled with beans, really cute! (Shows some super light wear, overall in good shape.) $20
- Laying TOMY Chimchar plush -- Very soft and cute! Tush tag only. $12

- Keldeo TOMY Plush -- Very detailed! Tush tag only, otherwise like new. About 8" tall/long. $18
- Old Banpresto Meowth -- This guy shows some minor wear, with his whiskers coming apart, and other miscellaneous light signs of his age. Overall he's in pretty good shape for his age but please be aware that he's not mint! $9
- Old Pikachu UFO Plush -- Looks amazing for its age, super bright colors and like new with all tags! Except he lost one cheek, oops. The cheek is just made out of felt, though, and would be easy to replace. Around 8-9" tall. $12
- Spiritomb UFO Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Hard to find, and Spiritomb only has a few plush to begin with. $25
- Pikachu Pokédoll -- Super soft, in great shape! Tush tag only. $10
- I <3 Eevee Leafeon Keychain Plush -- Tush tag only, otherwise in great shape. Very cute, perfect to hang from a bag! $12
- Serperior MPC Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Detailed and soft. $10
- Plusle Plush Bowling Pin -- Super soft and cute! Hard to find. (If someone doesn't buy this soon I might keep it, haha.) $20

- Psyduck Taffeta Plush -- Amazing condition for its age! Basically like new, but no hang tag. Super squishy. $11
- Pikachu Top-Insight Plush -- Fairly worn, but would make a good cuddle or traveling buddy. $6
- Snivy UFO Plush -- Like new but no hang tag. $6
- Taffeta Pikachu -- In amazing condition for its age! Like new, with all tags. $10
- Piplup Puppet -- For all your Piplup puppet needs! In great shape. $15
- Tafetta Squirtle Plush -- Has yellow marker markers on head and back of head. They're relatively light in person and may be able to be removed. $6
- Meowth Taffeta plush -- Hang tag is damaged, has one orange stain on paw (see photo) and multiple very light orange stains on back that might be able to removed. $6
- Chespin UFO Plush -- Brand new with all tags! $8

- Lucario MPC Plush -- Brand new with all tags! Super soft and detailed, especially for its size! $10
- Minccino Pokédoll keychain -- New in package! $8
- Watchog MPC Plush -- Very soft and cute, with lots of detail! Missing his ball chain but otherwise in great shape. $6
- Buneary TOMY Laying Plush -- Somewhat worn, but still really cute! $8
- Applause Meowth and Squirtle -- In great shape! Older US plush. Have shimmer details! $6 each (Squirtle sold)
- Mew Friends Plush -- What a cute pose! Like new condition. $12
- Shaymin Keychain Plushes -- Like new, tush tag only. Specify regular or shimmery! $6 each.

- Black and White Pikachu head pouch -- Super cute and unique! Soft and fuzzy, too. Brand new. $15
- Pikachu on Pokéball TOMY Gacha figure -- This is a gorgeous, fairly large figure that is older and super well made. It has a tiny bit of light wear but is generally in great condition, especially for its age. Feels more like a real collectible than a toy. $8 (ON HOLD)

- Random Spanish Yu-Gi-Oh! tin? -- $10
- Zorua Lottery Cup -- Made out of plastic, so it's durable and not expensive to ship. The Zorua figure is in a separate chamber so he doesn't get touched by your drink. $7
- Metal Tin TCG Binder -- Zips up, and has Victini on the back. Store your cards in style and safety! $10
- PokéMotion -- This is pretty much the coolest thing ever, no exaggeration. It's basically a light wand that projects images of different Pokémon and their Japanese names as you wave it back and forth. It has tons of different Pokémon to choose from--the entire Hoenn Pokédex, if I'm recalling correctly! Here are some videos of it in action: Video 1 and Video 2 This would be the best thing to bring to a rave! $25
- Singing Mew keychain -- No longer sings, some wear. $7
- Old Mewtwo Bank -- $10
- Grabby Charmander figure, talking Charmander figure (does not currently talk) -- $8 each
- Rare TOMY Charmander Gashapon-- Very solid, high quality figure. -- $10
- Clear Mewtwo kid figure -- $8
- Baseless Squirtle Pokédoll Figure -- Super cute! $6
- RARE Metallic Charizard TOMY Figure -- $15
- Rare old Vulpix Keychain -- Super cute! $15
- Pikachu Sleeping on Cloud Figure -- $8
- Giratina Kaiyodo Pre-order Figure -- Detailed and absolutely gorgeous. $10
- Gorgeous Weavile Kaiyodo Bottlecap figure (Here's what it looks like outside of the package.) -- $10
- Pokémon Black/White Flashlight/Fan -- Has a motorized fan and light, and will clip onto your bag. Brand new! $7
- Pokémon Time Mini Tins -- These are super cute! It's hard to get the one you want because they're blind packaged and there are a whole bunch of designs in the set. Lucario and Togekiss are available here. $7 each (Lucario ON HOLD)

-  Sylveon Glitter keychain -- Hard to find, and beautiful! Mint in package. $15
- Flareon Banpresto Movie Keychains -- Hard to find, such lovely sculpts! Fairly large for keychains. $15 each, take both for $25! (Leafeon SOLD)
- Oshawott in Ramen Keychain -- Gotochi goods can only be purchased from certain destinations in Japan--this adorable keychain features an Oshawott swimming in a bowl of ramen! $10
- Sylveon Screen Cleaner -- From a recent lottery, this fashionable little pastel puff will help you clean off the screen of your phone, 3DS, or other device. $10
- Glaceon Pokémon Center Figure Strap -- New in package! $10
- Eeveelution Pokémon Time Rubber Strap Keychains -- These were blind packaged, making it hard to get the one you want. They're super cute! $15 each, or any two for $25.
- Togekiss Pokémon Time Rubber Strap Keychain -- Same as above, these come blind packaged, so it can be hard to pull the one you're looking for! $10
- Eevee x2, Flareon, and Umbreon Pokédoll figures -- From a lottery. They're adorable, and detach from their bases. Umbreon was previously glued to his base so there's some residue left over from that. $15 each, or any two for $25. (SOLD: 1x Eevee, Umbreon)
- Pikachu in Top Hat Metal Charm -- Adorable! What a dapper little Pikachu. $6
- Lt. Surge's Raichu, and clear Gengar, clear Vulpix, and clear Mew kids figures -- $8 each
- Poncho Pikachu Figures -- Mega Lucario and Mega Sableye x2. Super cute, these came out of gachapon machines at Pokémon Centers. $10 each
- Chiku-Chiku Sewing Memo Pad -- This is adorable and comes with two different paper designs. Design 1, Design 2 Tons of sheets, perfect for writing notes to friends~! $12
- Spiritomb TOMY Figure -- $6
- Yokohama Oshawott Gotochi keychain -- Super cute! $7
- Mewtwo Minicot (green base) -- $7
- Sleeping Froakie Figure -- $6
- Bath Salt Figures -- These come randomly in bath balls, so they smell really good! They're totally adorable. Goomy is $10, Mudkip and Psyduck are $6 each. (Better image of Goomy and Mudkip from Mikitzune.)
- Lapras FCS Figure -- Using Ice Beam! Very detailed for its size. $6
- White fox gacha figures -- Super cute and detailed! $10 each
- Eevee Ippai laying figures -- $7 each (1 sold)
- Manectric clipping figure -- Gorgeous figure, and fairly rare. Here's a better image of one. This one has some light wear, but it's still a beautiful figure. $9
- Cheren Pokémon Mate Figure -- So cute! $13

- Rare Pikachu cup and Dittochu memo -- These are from an old Pokémon Center promo and are extremely difficult to find. $40 for the set.

- The above items are all $5 each. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there are three different Glaceon figures -- attacking, standing, and crouching.

SOLD: Mightyena, Vulpix, 1x sitting Vaporeon, both Espeon, lighter Flareon, Milotic, 1 Eevee

- The above items are all $5 each. The Chimchar plush in the corner is a wind-up toy. The tin underneath that is a mini Pokémon Time tin. The other Piplup and Chimchar are keychains. The Jigglypuff is a bank. The thing with Emboar on it is actually a 1/40th scale zukan set of Pansage and Simisage. The Zoroark keychain has a Zorua sleeping in its hair...so cute! The things with the orange packages are old metal charms from 2003 or so. The teeny tiny Mewtwo is a Monopoly piece.

SOLD: Venusaur, Kyogre, Jigglypuff bank, Zigzagoon

- The above items are $4 each. The Oshawott things are little shovels, while the Pikachu is like a little rake. The mini Turtwig Pokédoll is actually pretty rare, but it has some stains (could maybe be washed). The Pokéball plush thing turns into the Musharna thing next to it (there are two available). The Pikachu and Blastoise next to each other are both banks. The Pikachu by the two Froakie yells "Pi-ka-CHUUU!" if you pull its tail. The purple thing by the Chimchar plush keychain near the bottom is a 1/40th scale zukan set of Watchog and Patrat. Snorlax and Lickitung both change to Pokéballs. The little Manaphy and Buizel things are mini tins with stickers in them.

SOLD: Snorlax, Master Ball, one Landmin racer, Pikachu bank

- The above items are $4 each. The Mewtwo in the front is a screen cleaner. The green Reuniclus thing is a stylus. The gold thing is a Ponyta metal figure. The white figure in the silver package is a Reshiram keychain.

SOLD: Azumarill, Uxie, Cubone

- The above items are $3 each. The sitting Pikachu talks still but is missing its tail. The puzzles in the back have various B/W Pokémon on them. The other puzzle (in a box) has Servine, Pignite, and Dewott on it. The Victini thing is a deck box, and it has Reshiram/Zekrom on the back. The rectangular things underneath it are tissue packs. The round Keldeo thing is a game. The round things underneath that are mostly pins. The various round things underneath the Pikachu fork are stampers--Snivy, Regigigas, Regice, Palkia, and Registeel. Blastoise and Drilbur are also stampers. The white/red and black/blue things make Reshiram or Zekrom noises when you push them, along with some other Pokémon-related noises.

- The above items are $3 each. The Loudred is a gorgeous Kaiyodo chess figure. The thing in the silver package is a Tornadus keychain. The blue thing next to Treecko is a Wobbuffet.

SOLD:  Marill, Azurill, Squirtle next to Marill, Meowth, Persian, one Farfetch'd, lighter Darkrai, Toxicroak

- The above items are $2 each. The big flat thing in the back is a large sticker sheet. The Manaphy and Pikachu next to it are pens. The Heatran/Regigigas thing is a small card binder. Venonat is a spinning top. The Snivy on the blue base is a screen cleaner. The round Charizard thing is an eraser. Psyduck and Goldeen are magnets. Charmander underneath them is a clip, as is Golem. The Raichu thing is a TCG coin. Primeape, Electabuzz, Inkay, Snover, Chansey, and the Snivy with the yellow base are stampers. The red clear figure is Nidoqueen and the bright orange/reddish thing is a Charmander dice. The figures in the silver packaging are Pikachu and Landorus keychains.

SOLD: Sticker sheet, Squirtle keychain, Psyduck magnet, Bellossom keychain, both Rattata keychains, 1x old Pikachu keychain, Aerodactyl, Venusaur, Raichu coin

- The above items are $2 each, and they're all kids figures, including the Pansage in the box.

SOLD: 1x Shellder, Rattata, 1x Seaking, Pikachu on side, 1x Spearow, Slowpoke

- These are Korean eraser figures, which are very difficult to get! They normally come blind-packaged, so if you want a specific one, it can become an expensive search normally... Get them here without any of the difficulty! They are very detailed for their size. They are $2 each. Available: Squirtle x3, Woobat Yellow x1 White x2, Roggenrola, Tympole, Palpitoad, Throh, Chespin, Inkay x2, Fletchling, Darumaka x2, Tepig x3, Pidove, Axew, Litleo x2, Meowth, Darmanitan x2, Minccino, and Sigilyph.

- The above items are $1 each. Meowth doesn't talk and has no tail (might talk with new batteries). The thing with Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus is a top. The round Reshiram thing is a clip. The flat purple Genesect is a magnet. The blue chamber things have shiny Genesect in them. The Chansey things are TCG coins. Machop is a stamper. The clear red figure is a Rhyhorn, the other red clear figure is a Tentacool. The clear green thing is Hitmonchan. The tiny bright yellow thing is a Moltres, underneath it is a teeny Hitmonlee eraser. The marbles are Dodrio x2, Onix, Magneton, Kabutops, Kingler, Machamp, Marowak, and Rhydon. There are various things in this photo that I'm not sure what they do, sorry. For $1 you can find out if you're curious!

SOLD: Both Fennekin, Kabutops marble, Genesect magnet, Genesect keychain

- The above items are $1 each.

SOLD: Dedenne, Marowak

- These are some extra Pokéshipping/SatoKasu doujinshi I picked up in Japan! I've collected Pokéshipping doujin for several years now, and let me tell you, they are very hard to find anywhere, and I scoured the shelves for these all over Tokyo and Osaka. I already have these ones, so I'd love to sell them to someone who will cherish them. They're really sweet (I'd give them a PG rating at most) and have beautiful art, and they're in perfect condition. Because of their rarity, I'm asking $25 each for Ai no Shizuku (one left) and $20 for Understand.

Ai no Shizuku samples:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Understand samples:
Sample 1
Sample 2

- PokéKyun Collection Set 1 -- This set contains 26 of the 32 cards in the PokéKyun Collection. These cards, including the commons/uncommons, are absolutely stunning in person--way, WAY prettier than the English releases. They either are entirely glittery or have a heart holographic pattern. This set comes with Gardevoir EX and Flareon EX. All are freshly pulled out of booster packs. $35

- PokéKyun Collection set 2 -- This contains 23 of the 32 cards in the set, including a Gardevoir EX. $25

I also have some single PokéKyun cards:
$1 each: Wobbuffet, Espurr x3, Fletchling x2, Shroomish x2, Snover x4, Wally and Ralts x3, Froslass, Charmeleon, Charmander x3, Slurpuff, Swirlix x2, Floette x2, Flabébé x2, Diancie, Jirachi, Altaria x1, Swablu x3, Gulpin x2, Meowstic x5
$4 each: Charizard x3

- Pokémon Carddass Zukan cards -- These are very hard to find and have lovely artwork! $1 each except for the following, which are $3 each: Eevee, Gardevoir, Flareon, Quilava, Absol, Jolteon, Dragonair, and Flygon. I have doubles of some of these cards.

- X/Y Sticker Calendar pages -- These are about the size of a postcard, and the picture of the Pokémon is a big sticker! $2 each, or 6 for $10.

Mega Gengar
Mega Charizard X
Mega Charizard Y
Mega Houndoom
Mega Scizor
Mega Lucario
Mega Garchomp
Mega Blaziken

- Jirachi Lenticular postcard -- Beautiful! $5
- Arceus and Genesect movie manga (in Japanese) -- Contain the complete manga. Practice your Japanese or just enjoy the nice artwork! $7 each

Thank you so much for looking! Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, you can order or ask questions by e-mailing phoenixfreedom@yahoo.com or leaving a comment.

Please allow me 24 hours to reply to your sales request. I usually get back to people within a few hours, but between sleeping, working, caring for my animals, and occasionally taking breaks, sometimes it takes me a while. If I don't reply after 24 hours, I probably didn't get your message--please send it again! Thanks for your interest in my sales!
Alexandra E. S. Johnsonpmxellos on May 11th, 2016 02:07 am (UTC)
Quote for laying chikorits and flat rayquaza yo 33579
Pii pika pikachuu?pacificpikachu on May 11th, 2016 02:21 am (UTC)
Assuming you mean the metal Rayquaza charm ($5), it'll be $29.70 total! If that's all right with you, you can send payment via Paypal to pacificpika@gmail.com. Please be sure to include your shipping address and a note of what you're getting with the payment. Thank you so much, and let me know if you have any questions or decide not to get the items!
Alexandra E. S. Johnson: pic#126038998pmxellos on May 11th, 2016 02:25 am (UTC)
Sent :) when I get them I'll message you and let you know feedback was left and leave my feedback address
Pii pika pikachuu?pacificpikachu on May 11th, 2016 02:27 am (UTC)
Payment received, thank you so much! Thursday is my next shipping day, so your package will go out then! :D
pokewomonpokewomon on July 13th, 2016 08:07 pm (UTC)
do you still have the mudkip pin and mudkip in a bath figure? Can I get a quote to 92256 ca?
skullncuboneskullncubone on September 19th, 2016 11:01 pm (UTC)
PokéKyun cards
hi, I'd like to by your Marowak and Cubone PokéKyun card. are they still available?
wurmplexwurmplex on March 1st, 2017 06:44 am (UTC)
Hi, I would like the 2 Mr.Mime kids and the Mr.mime with a base if they are still available. Thanks