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20 January 2015 @ 04:45 pm
I finally made it through the busy season at work, woohoo! I mean, we have smaller rushes of mail here and there throughout the year, but the holidays and January are definitely the busiest period. I'm looking forward to hopefully having more of a normal work schedule now, as unfortunately I struggle energy-wise when I work more than the part-time hours I'm used to. In addition to work, I also did some petsitting this weekend, plus caring for my own animals, so there was lots going on recently.

I officially bought my plane tickets for my Japan trip in April! I'll be leaving for Japan on April 21st, arriving in the evening April 22nd, and staying until the evening of April 29th. I'm super excited for the concert, and also for shopping/treasure hunting around Tokyo on the other days, and visiting Tokyo-area friends. It'll be a lot of fun, I'm sure! Plane ticket prices were around $150 less than my October trip, so that was nice. My savings are going well, though I still have a ways to go. Doing some sales should help some. I actually have enough now for the trip itself, so it's just a matter of saving up some spending money now!

I reached 1,000 flags in ORAS last night! I'm proud of that, and I like my sparkly flag. Now it's time to complete my Pokédex again, and then do some shiny hunting and team training! I want to do a Rain Dance team, but I'm still deciding what I want to actually put on the Rain Dance team, as there are a ton of Pokémon I want to train and admittedly I'm not the best at figuring out team synergy. I have a friend who is more into competitive battling who I can strategize with, though, so hopefully I'll figure it out.

Origa, one of my favorite singers, passed away a few days ago, so I've been rather sad about that. She was only 44. She was remarkably talented, and it's hard to think that she's gone. I'm still rather shocked about this and it probably won't sink in for a good long while. I was lucky that I got to see her in concert in 2009, at Yoko Kanno's Tanasonic concert. I'm super thankful that I was able to experience that incredible concert--I will never forget it. I'll never forget Origa, that's for sure. I listen to her music all the time.

And of course, I continue to be very saddened by Tosca's disappearance. I'm nowhere near over that, and I think of her often. I still keep hoping...

Aside from those two sadnesses, life is pretty good. I hope you are all doing well, too. I do always read your entries, whether I respond or not. I tend to open tabs, intending to reply to people, but I have several hundred tabs open and it all just gets lost in the mess, ahh. I need to go through all my tabs one of these days, haha, I've had this set of tabs open for months now.
Himitsu: Morty Drifblimhi_mit_su on January 25th, 2015 05:25 am (UTC)
Really glad to hear things are going well and better for you. I hope they continue this way for the rest of the new year. Definitely understand the rush at work. It drains a person quite a bit when there is a change of schedule. Japan will be so exciting! I had no idea Origa passed away. That is a sad loss. Good thoughts your way for Tosca. Do continue to hang in there, and all the best thoughts your way!

I totally do the same on entries. Although, I don't log on as frequently, I will have tabs open with intention to comment but it just sometimes goes by the wayside, haha. Take care!